About Us

Sassy Bliss Boutique owner and her Cardigan Welsh Corgi

To learn to sew – yep I made a resolution to learn how to sew when I was 46 years old. I wanted to learn to make things like pillowcases and cloth napkins so that is where I started. But as soon as I made my first dog bandanas I was hooked. I mean let’s get real – I like people but I LOVE dogs. :-) And you know what else? I find that dogs love the attention they get when they are wearing a cute bandana, or collar, or clothes. A happy dog + a happy owner + a happy me = the best it can be!

It would sound cool if I told you I had my own production facility and all that but in reality what handmade looks like at my house is a messy spare bedroom. Some days it looks like a fabric store blew up in there!

I think one of the things that sets my bandanas apart from the rest of the over the collar bandanas is that they are double sided so you get two looks for the price of one. When someone buys one of our team bandanas I tell them if their team makes them really mad they can always flip the bandana over. Of course I would never do that to my beloved Crimson Tide!

When I am not sewing or cutting fabric or filling orders you can usually find me throwing the ball for my toy-obsessed corgi, watching college football or hanging out with friends.

I love seeing pictures of your babies in my creations. It brings a big smile to my face. So I will never be a mass producer or have my own production facility because I love offering a handmade product that I can connect with my customers over. So thanks for giving me the chance to do something I love for the little four-legged babies I love!


Stacy & Finn